About Cheder Ateres Tzvi

Get to know Cheder Ateres Tzvi, and see how well we fit your family’s education goals.

About  Us:


In 2002, with a small group of boys and lots of determination, Cheder Ateres Tzvi opened its doors, and began serving families seeking a true heimishe cheder – steeped in tradition and focused on academic excellence. With such a humble beginning, how did the Cheder so quickly transform into a world-class Makom Torah and bastion of Chinuch Habbanim?

There’s no explanation other than the tremendous siyatte dishmaya that the Ribbono shel Olam, in His ultimate kindness, has bestowed upon Ateres Tzvi since the day it opened its doors.

Today, Ateres Tzvi boasts a yearly growth rate of 40%. A staff of forty world-class mechanchim and teachers educate the boys and strive for educational and academic excellence.

To which zechus can this supernatural success be attributed?

Our Mission:


We believe that the most important ingredient in the almost supernatural hatzlacha is the attitude of caring for each individual that permeates the Cheder . It may sound paradoxical or implausible for a yeshiva to realistically focus on each child and his needs. But it is the reality here on a daily basis. It is an attitude of mesiras nefesh that begins with the board members and filters down to every rebbe, morahand teacher.

When working with children in a Cheder, there are neshamos all around you. In Ateres Tzvi no child can fall between the cracks because there are no cracks. The mission in our Cheder is to ensure that each child feels his value in every fiber of his being.

In chinuch, one lost child is one too many.

Explore the Cheder’s history here.

At Ateres Tzvi, each member of the faculty, every parent and every board member is on the same page: to ensure that no neshama goes uncared for. Every effort is invested to ensure that not only should no child be neglected, but they should be cared for with love and compassion. The mechanchim do not rest until they have succeeded in ‘polishing’ each diamond to a glorious shine.

Prepare your son for the future with an education rooted in tradition.