Built On the Past – Focused On the Future

The Ateres Tzvi


The Divrei Chaim of Sanz, zy”a, used to say that in Galicia, if someone mentioned “The Rebbe” it automatically meant the holy Ateres Tzvi of Zidichov, the holy grandfather of Harav Chaim Leibish Rottenberg, founder of the Cheder.

The holy Shinover Rav would say that traveling to Zidichov on 11 Tamuz, the yahrtzeit of the Ateres Tzvi, is akin to traveling to Meron on Lag Ba’Omer. The Ateres Tzvi delved into the works of the Zohar Hakadosh day and night and was ethereally connected to the holy Tana.

Yeshivas Ateres Tzvi – Pre-War Europe


In Pre-War Europe, the Ohr Maleh of Kosson, an uncle of Harav Rottenberg, was the Rosh Yeshivah of the huge and thriving Yeshivas Ateres Tzvi. Sadly, like so many Hungarian Jews, the Ohr Maleh was sent to Auschwitz along with his entire family, where they all perished Al Kiddush Hashem, Hy”d. Can there be a more fitting way to  perpetuate the legacy of the Ohr Maleh and the Ateres Tzvi of Zidichov than by having tinokos shel beis rabbon thrive in an atmosphere of warmth and yiddishkeit.

May their lights continue guide us, and may we be zoche to continued siyatte dishmaya in raising yirei shamayim.

Monsey – 2002


Humble beginnings? Maybe. But from the day Rabbi Rottenberg established Cheder Ateres Tzvi thirteen years ago, it illuminated Monsey with its unique glow. From the start, individuality was celebrated! Each child was accepted for who they were and encouraged to grow into the best Yid they could possibly be.

The cheder started at the Young Israel of Park Lane with two classes. Incredibly, two weeks later a third class opened due to demand. With growth, came the growth pangs. Within a short time, the cheder moved to 230 Viola Road and shortly thereafter, 232 Viola Road was also being used. Until today, the yearly growth rate is at 40% and the cheder is currently located on spacious grounds at 4 Campbell Ave.

The First Check


The very existence of the Cheder can be traced to the first check we received from Rabbi Isamer Tovia ben Moshe Schwartz a”h, an ardent pre-war Kossoner Chassid. Since his Kashrus standards were trusted impeccably, his wife was the one to cook and bake for all descendants of Kosson. His generous contribution of ten thousand dollars was the first deposit into the cheder’s account. Shortly thereafter, he purchased the first minibus, which could seat fifteen, to make travel easier. On Sunday when he was off from work, he would often follow the bus with excitement as he watched the pure kinderlach his kinderlach –  travel to learn Torah. He may not have been blessed with biological children, but looking at the cheder today, one knows that he was zoche to hundreds of children. May his memory be a blessing.

Teach your children well, and the fruits go on forever.