Place, People & Mindset

There are many factors that make up the school environment. The building and surroundings are important, but the people and ideas that surround students daily are even more important. Our unique blend of pleasing physical space, inclusive atmosphere, and positive attitude work to create a space that surrounds students with support and living examples they can understand.

The campus is a peaceful setting for energetic achievement. Serious study is balanced with physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep boys alert and comfortably engaged with the curriculum. The wide range of students, families, visitors, and professional staff span the spectrum of Torah-observing people – all of whom share the same core traditional values. We’re all working together to achieve greatness and unity while supporting each other and our various paths to the same goals.

A Place to Grow

Having the pure words of Torah reverberate in the hallways of a beautiful building is a true Kiddush Hashem. Observing children enjoying nature in a safe and happy environment and frolicking in the playground during recess time brings a smile to every observer.

Peaceful and Natural Setting

The Cheder is located in a picturesque and secluded part of town on three acres of lush land. 4 Campbell Avenue in Suffern, has all the conveniences boys need in order to grow and flourish spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Broad Horizons

Our students, families and staff have a lot in common, but we represent a variety of ways to get to the same place. What we all share is a belief that being together and accepting minor differences enhances all of our experiences. We teach our children to be proud of their heritage, customs and history – while respecting and honoring others.

Wider Experience

We encourage students to be comfortable sharing their own dreams and exploring the range of activities we offer to enhance their learning experience. Activities focus on Torah and tradition, while including music, art and ways to enjoy a balanced Torah-true life.

Bright and Active

Spacious classrooms with all amenities and educational tools enable each child to enjoy his hours spent in Cheder. The large windows in all classrooms allow the sunrays to stream through and enhance the classroom atmosphere. During recess time, the boys enjoy the large playground and ample nature that surrounds the building. They can also choose to spend their time exerting pent up energy in the spacious, state-of-art gym.

The Feeling of Family

Each child learning at Ateres Tzvi instantly loves the place and seclusion. It’s their safe haven and warm home away from home in a cold, sometimes difficult world.

Watch your precious child thrive with us.